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Today we announce a Contest for the best idea/invention in the area of medical devices for patient self-help.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Only ideas for simple and effective devices relieving and/or improving patient’s condition and/or for patient self-help can participate in this Contest. The device must be completely or almost completely mechanical (uses of а battery, a bulb, and some very simple electrical circuits are allowed but discouraged).

Idea must belong exclusively to contestant/contestants, be absolutely new, original and never published. A patent application sent to a national patent authority less than three months before the date of the Contest submission and never published does not disqualify the idea from participation in this Contest.

2. Winners of the Contest will become co-owners of a joint venture commercializing their ideas in the United States.

3. The Contest will last from September 18 through and including December 31, 2009. Contestants are guaranteed complete confidentiality of personal information and submitted ideas. No idea will be patented and/or used without knowledge and consent of its authors. Submissions violating these Terms and Conditions will be discarded without review.

4. Submissions will be accepted only from legally competent persons over the age of 18 who are the true authors of the submitted ideas/inventions. The e-mail address for submissions is: bdl10007@gmail.com .

5. By their submissions, all contestants agree that Milgrom and Associates will work on patenting and/or commercialization in the US (and, if necessary, in other countries) of the ideas/inventions which win the Contest. Milgrom and Associates will then receive equal with the contestant(s) share in revenues from the said commercialization of the said ideas/inventions. .

6. Each submission must contain full name, age, city and country of contestant/contestants, their e-mail address, Statement and Attachment.

Attachment must contain complete description of the invention in MS Word format (no more than three double spaced pages of size 12 font) and, if necessary, up to two explaining drawings in any popular format (e.g., .jpg).

Statement must read as follows “I have read all Terms and Conditions of this Contest with utmost care and attention, satisfied them, and agreed with them” followed by initials of every contestant.


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