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An American legal group of Milgrom & Associates assists in:
• Comprehensive protection and monetization of Intellectual Property in the US.
• Immigration of exceptionally talented people and their families in the US.


Our main specialty is helping those whose goal is to immigrate in America on the basis of their unique professional skills and achievements.
And in this particular area we offer services which – as far as we know – are not offered by

This is what we can offer you, Dear Visitor:

1. Let’s say you are a foreign inventor and have a new invention you want to patent in the USA, or you are a programmer, authored a new computer program, and want to protect and register your copyright in the USA, or you are a composer who wrote a symphony which needs protection in the US.
In other words, you:
• don't live in the US; and
• created something valuable; and
• desire to protect your intellectual property rights in America.

Then you came to the right place – we can help you.
Some other law firms offer such services, too.
2. Let’s further say that after taking steps to protect and register your rights you believe that there is a demand for your creation in America. Then we can assist in monetization of your intellectual property.
For instance, we can search for a company interested in licensing, manufacturing, marketing and selling your invention. Or look for buyers for your computer program. Or find performers for your symphony. And when those interested parties are found we will conduct negotiations with them, draft an agreement on your behalf, and otherwise protect your interests.
In other words, if:
• Your Intellectual Property is in demand in the USA; and
• Your IP rights are protected; then
• We can search for American enterprises interested in becoming your partner; and
• Should such partners be found, we will represent you in talks with them, and
• Will try and make a mutually beneficial agreement with them on your behalf.

Very few -- if any -- law firms in the US offer this kind of services to their foreign clients.
3. Finally, if:
• Your creation is commercially successful in America; and
• Immigration in the United States is your goal; then
• We can help you and your family to get green cards - on the basis of that commercial success.


4. Also we assist foreign talents and professionally successful people from all walks of life - science, arts, literature, business, sports, and industry - in obtaining green cards. We help them and their families in their immigration in the US. In addition, we provide assistance in other facets of U.S. immigration as well as many other areas of American Law.

We always begin with an exploratory consultation. To book a consultation, first please visit the Virtual Practice page (link on the top) and read it, then click on the large blue Request a Consultation button on the left.

Since the first man made the first fire humankind has been thinking creatively. Realization that the rights of creators needed to be protected came, however, much later. Nevertheless, more than two thousand years ago the ancient Greeks understood the need of reward and protection for new and useful products of creative genius.
Still, it took several hundred years to clearly formulate laws protecting intellectual property. The first patent laws originated in 15th century Venice. England passed the first full-fledged copyright law, the Statute of Anne, at the start of the 18th century. Finally, state registration of trademarks began almost simultaneously in several countries less than 150 years ago.
In the post-WWII world Europe was just beginning its resurgence. Engineers, scientists, and inventors could not find decent jobs. The only nation with a stable economy and well-financed R&D institutions was the United States of America. Consequently, a stream of European scientists and technologists – the cream of the continent – moved across the Atlantic for new opportunities. The British Royal Society called this “the brain drain.”
Today, over half a century later, the brain drain continues to exist. Millions of well-educated, highly motivated, and extremely talented people from all around the world are still trying to come to America. They arrive in the USA every day - from poverty stricken Africa and wealthy Western Europe, from fast-developing Asia and prosperous Australia.
There are several reasons why, but the main reason is that the United States is the only true free-market economy on the planet; this makes it the best place for a creative mind to reap the rewards of creativeness. American lawmakers, recognizing the importance of attracting the best minds in every field of human endeavor, created special immigration categories for people with exceptional abilities in science, industry, business, arts, sports, and other areas.
We – a law group of Milgrom & Associates – created a unique legal practice: it is a cross between Intellectual Property and Immigration Law. We help people in all walks of life protect their creations legally. If their intellectual property is in demand in the United States, we facilitate its monetization/commercialization. If such clients seek to immigrate to the US, we will help them turn their commercial success into a successful immigration vehicle.
In short, we will help that brain drain become a brain gain for America. Our clients are people with very high intellect; many belong to Mensa, an international high-IQ society. Because of those two factors, we gave our Internet site telling web addresses: www.HighIQLaw.com and www.BrainDrainLaw.com .
Immigration in the US on the basis of professional achievements is not an easy task. We will assist you in navigation of the stormy immigration waters and bring your family ship into a safe harbor.

Please visit our VIRTUAL PRACTICE page to learn more about our work with extraordinarily talented people.

? Valery Milgrom, 1997 - 2012

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