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So, you decided to come to the USA - whether for a short visit or to stay here permanently. As you probably know, under the law, in most situations our Immigration Service must presume that every alien applying for a visa as a potential immigrant. And if the alien does not wish to immigrate then he or she must prove to the US Consulate worker that this visit will be only a temporary one. You can learn about this in more detail by visiting the Non-Immigration Visas page.
If, however, you wish to obtain a legal permanent resident alien status - so called Green Card - then you need to know that, with a few exceptions, legal immigration into the US is possible by one of four methods:
  1. Based on family relationships;
  2. Based on employment/professional skills/status/achievements;
  3. As a refugee or asylee; and
  4. By winning in a Diversity Lottery.
You can read more about employment-based immigration (which comprises the bulk of our practice) at the Immigration of Aliens of Extraordinary/Exceptional Abilities page of this site. Also, the Special Cases page gives readers some additional information on immigration of certain medical professionals and investors.
This site does not go into further details of the remaining three methods of immigration - seeking asylum in the US, family-based immigration (the term "family" includes spouses, children of any age and marital status, parents, and siblings) and the Diversity Lottery. We decided against that even though we deal with these cases on a regular basis. There is enough data regarding the Diversity Lottery provided by other Internet sites. As to refugee/asylee matters and family-based immigration, these are such case-specific areas that, in our opinion, general explanations often are misleading, and every case should be discussed on its own terms.
Furthermore, in any case we start our work with a potential client from an exploratory consultation during which we familiarize ourselves with the case, suggest particular immigration solutions, develop strategies and tactics of pursuing the case, etc.
So, please take our consultation very seriously. If the consultation is to be held in our offices, we'll tell you what to bring with you during scheduling. If this is a telephone or Internet consultation, please fill in our General Immigration Questionnaire. it should be completed in full only by those who is interested in employment-based immigration, including investor's visas. Those interested in family-based information need to complete only parts related to your biography and family. If your consultation pertains to a possible extraordinary/exceptional abilities case, we'll ask you to complete one of the three special questionnaires (scientists/inventors, athletes/coaches or writers, musicians, actors, artists etc.) which better fits your professional status and achievements. After that you'll receive special instructions.
In all cases please be thoroughly prepared: recall dates, numbers, names, and try to find documentary evidence to all facts.

We hope to be of assistance to you, Dear Visitor!

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