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Valery Milgrom  Attorney Valery Milgrom came to the idea of legal practice which is a cross between immigration and intellectual property laws as a result of his own personal experiences. First of all, he is a first-generation American himself and went through the entire immigration maze without help from anybody. Second, he possesses degrees and diplomas in Mechanical Engineering and Journalism from the former USSR and became the first Russian-speaking Master of Intellectual Property (MIP) in the US. Today Valery Milgrom possesses a license of a patent attorney, is a member of New York and New Jersey State Bars, American Association of Immigration Attorneys (AILA), Intellectual Property Section of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA – IP Section), and Licensing Executive Society (LES USA – Canada).
Says Milgrom, "We are not a law firm in a conventional sense. Each of us has his own legal practice, his own clients. We work together only on the matters of intellectual property protection as each of us specializes in a certain area of technology. Working together helps to better understand and evaluate innovations suggested by a client, establish professional contacts necessary for commercialization of inventions, and sometimes, working as expert witnesses, convince the U.S. Immigration Service in importance of a particular invention for the American economy.
"I'd like to add that I feel very privileged and lucky having met in my professional career many talented colleagues who eventually became my friends. Such as Boris Palant, a seasoned immigration counsel, who over a quarter of century won hundreds of political asylum cases for his own and our mutual clients. Such as Sidney N. Georgiou, a real encyclopedia of legal knowledge, whose experience of working as a New York Supreme Court attorney proved invaluable time and again. Such as Maria Kron, a former attorney for the City of New York. They helped me a lot and still give me a hand when I need it for which I am very grateful.
"I hope that you, Dear Visitor, will become our client. And should you do so, I hope you'll be pleased with the quality of our services."


Nick Banilov  Having had extensive work experience as a professional programmer, New York attorney Nick Banilov mastered various software technologies. His ability to quickly grasp the nature of any business activity and create its exact graphic representation allows Nick to feel comfortably analyzing business methods inventions. Nick is fluent in English, Russian, Turkish, Tat and Azerbaijani languages.


Joseph Stecewycz  Mr. Stecewycz is a patent attorney registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has prepared and prosecuted U.S. and foreign patent applications for over seventeen years, primarily in the laser, optics, computer/software, electronic, mechanical, electrical, and telecommunication arts. He has also spent fourteen years as an engineer in the proposal, development, and fabrication of military, commercial, and space flight vehicle systems. Mr. Stecewycz has an educational background in Engineering and Physics, and technical competence in mechanical design and analysis, radar systems, and the design and fabrication of electronic and microwave systems.


Attorney Steve Ngo is our in-house expert in all chemical and biological matters. He holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Texas, an M.S. in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University, and a law degree from South Texas College of Law. Patent attorney H. Steven Ngo drafted more than 50 patent applications and helped protecting innovations in such complex areas of technology as nanotechnology, medical devices and biotechnology, polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences, pharmaceutical compositions, chemical compositions, polymer compositions, catalysts, engineered catalytic systems, and medical stents. Steve speaks fluent in Vietnamese and is a member of the Virginia State Bar and Washington, DC Bar.


Eddie possesses a unique combination of professional skills and experience. While pursuing his Bachelor at Purdue University, he specialized in business and information systems. As a result, together with Nick Banilov, Eddie is our resident authority in the area of software innovations. After his graduation from Purdue, Eddie worked as a financial analyst. As a law student Eduardo became interested in immigration law (where his fluency in Spanish came in handy) and gained exposure to many challenges of real-life immigration practice. Upon receipt of his law degree, Eduardo obtained an L.L.M. in Tax Law degree from the University of Florida. Legal advice of the member of Florida Bar Eduardo Rivera can help young high-tech start-ups in optimizing their financial and fiscal strategies.

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